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  • Учебный центр Радость рукоделия приглашает на курсы: - вышивальные программы Pfaff и Husqvarna - технология машинной вышивки на швейно-вышивальных машинах - пэчворк - текстильные сумки - куклы Тильда и многое другое
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  • I’m not sure what prompted my obsession , but I was fascinated by this three-thousand-year-old holistic system of health, based on our individual compositions. It was the first time I really began to think that  maybe the ideal diet varies from person to person.Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine, considered the oldest, or one of the oldest, in the world. Its tenets include universal interconnectedness, knowing and treating body composition, and balancing your body’s composition, rather than treating the symptoms.Me? I’m a pitta, through and through. If you knew me for five seconds you’d know I’m a pitta: a fiery Aries, ENTJ, type 4, type A+ go go go do do doer who lives in extremes. I run hot, flush easily, and crave spicy food daily. On top of that, I have a naturally muscular frame and tons of energy. So what does Ayurveda prescribe for me?Well, at the core of it, I need to  balance the fieriness, the oiliness, the spiciness. It’s recommended for me to eat cold and soothing foods, to not over-consume spicy and very pungent foods, to soothe my inner wild woman. Ayurveda is  so  interesting and nourishing, and I really think you should learn more about it !
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  • The Latte Art Video Challenge judges will choose the 16 best videos in each Region to be entered into the First Rounds of the Regional Competitions.  The Judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.First Rounds in each Region are made up of 8 weekly match-ups. Each Round will be a week long and will feature 2 videos up against each other competing for the most votes. Votes will be tallied via the social media mechanisms of  “likes” on facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. The video with the most collective “likes” wins the round and the scores are posted to the Leaderboard. Voting closes at the end of the week and that round is considered complete. Users will not have access to closed rounds once they are completed.Weekly winners of each round win the weekly prizemoney but the Top 6 videos with the most votes on the Leaderboard (tallied across First Rounds) will go through to the Finals Round.  (i.e. You may not win the weekly prizemoney, but you could still qualify for the Finals Round)Top 6 baristas on the Leaderboard will be notified that they have qualified for the Finals Rounds in their Region and will have 2 weeks to submit another video for the Finals Round. The link for the youtube video must be sent directly to by 29th August.
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