Black latte recipe

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black latte recipe

I’m not sure what prompted my obsession , but I was fascinated by this three-thousand-year-old holistic system of health, based on our individual compositions. It was the first time I really began to think that  maybe the ideal diet varies from person to person.

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine, considered the oldest, or one of the oldest, in the world. Its tenets include universal interconnectedness, knowing and treating body composition, and balancing your body’s composition, rather than treating the symptoms.

Me? I’m a pitta, through and through. If you knew me for five seconds you’d know I’m a pitta: a fiery Aries, ENTJ, type 4, type A+ go go go do do doer who lives in extremes. I run hot, flush easily, and crave spicy food daily. On top of that, I have a naturally muscular frame and tons of energy. So what does Ayurveda prescribe for me?

Well, at the core of it, I need to  balance the fieriness, the oiliness, the spiciness. It’s recommended for me to eat cold and soothing foods, to not over-consume spicy and very pungent foods, to soothe my inner wild woman. Ayurveda is  so  interesting and nourishing, and I really think you should learn more about it !

an easy golden turmeric latte recipe that’s just as delicious as it is beautiful! this easy golden turmeric latte is loaded with the warm flavors, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon. great for a calming morning drink, or an afternoon pick-me-up!

so here’s the deal. as a born-&-raised wisconsin gal, milk has always been a huge part of my life. family meals, whether breakfast or supper, were never complete without icy cold glasses of milk for everyone at the table. school snacks & lunches always started by grabbing a milk from the milk cooler. (side note – major shout out to anyone who drank their school milk out of a pouch!!) 

my love affair with all things dairy hasn’t gone anywhere as an adult. while i have an obvious fondness of fancy lattes & cheese boards , milk is also one of my go-tos for a healthy punch of nutrients on a daily basis. & while milk alternatives are kind of having a moment right now, i just cannot bring myself to give up milk. i love the protein it adds to my morning coffee & the creaminess it adds to my daily smoothie . & above all, i love finding new ways to use milk in my daily life that make me feel both comforted & amazing all at once.

i first tried a golden turmeric latte at my favorite neighborhood coffee shop. once i saw the beautiful golden hue & imagined the warming flavors of turmeric + ginger + cinnamon frothed together into creamy perfection, it was one of those things that i couldn’t not try, you know?

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